THE PRETTY THINGS, The Pretty Things

The Pretty Things,  1st Album

THE PRETTY THINGS, The Pretty Things

MOJO Hero Award 2009
Snapper Music © 2009

Limited Edition recording. Contains multimedia content, and can be viewed on Mac or PC.

The Pretty Things, CD1 Tracklisting
1 Roadrunner
2 Judgement Day
3 13, Chester Street
4 Big City
5 Unknown Blues
6 Mama, Keep Your Mouth Shut
7 Honey, I Need
8 Oh Baby Doll
9 She's Fine She's Mine
10 Don't Lie To Me
11 The Moon Is Rising
12 Pretty Thing
13 Rosalyn
14 Big Boss Man
15 Don't Bring Me Down
16 We'll Be Together
17 I Can Never Say
18 Get Yourself Home


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