The Pretty Things, S.F. Sorrow

SF Sorrow, The Pretty Things. Limited edition Gold CD

The Pretty Things, S.F. Sorrow

The Pretty Things, S.F. Sorrow

SF Sorrow is without doubt a classic. Originally recorded at Abbey Road in 1967 it was the first and the most complete "Rock-Opera" to be recorded and released, pre-dating The Who's 'Tommy' by a full year. 

This new deluxe CD and DVD set comes in rigid digibook packaging with re-worked art work, new liner notes written by Phil May plus additional notes by Mark St John, the band's manager. The CD includes a host of bonus tracks including several rare tracks. 

Disc two features a sensational one off performance of SF Sorrow in 1998 recorded at Abbey Road Studios on DVD. Originally broadcast live to an audience over the internet it features David Gilmour of PINK FLOYD on guitar and also includes narration by the 'God of Hell Fire' Arthur Brown. 

Limited Edition Gold CD
Published by Snapper Music ©2000

  S.F. Sorrow CD1
1 S.F Sorrow Is Born
2 Bracelets Of Fingers
3 She Says Good Morning
4 Private Sorrow
5 Balloon Burning
6 Death
7 Baron Saturday
8 The Journey
9 I See You
10 Well Of Destiny
11 Trust
12 Old Man Gong
13 Lonliest Person
14 Defecting Grey
15 Mr. Evasion
16 Talkin' About The Good Times
17 Walking Through My Dreams


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