The Pretty Things' Gigs 2015

Turock, Essen (DE) Turock, Essen (DE)
11th NOVEMBER Wednesday
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REX, Bensheim (DE) REX, Bensheim (DE)
12th NOVEMBER Thursday
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Reigen, Vienna (AT) Reigen, Vienna (AT)
1st DECEMBER Tuesday
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Strom, Munich (DE) Strom, Munich (DE)
2nd DECEMBER Wednesday
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Hirsch, Nurnberg (DE) Hirsch, Nurnberg (DE)
4th DECEMBER Friday
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Harmonie, Bonn (DE) Harmonie, Bonn (DE)
8th DECEMBER Tuesday
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Petits Bains, Paris (FR) Petits Bains, Paris (FR)
19th DECEMBER Saturday
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